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When thinking of unsanitary places, public restrooms, port-o-potties, and high traffic public areas come to mind.

However, according to a hygiene surface test conducted by the International Journal of Environmental Health Research, 44 percent of playground surfaces tested positive for urine, feces, mucus, saliva, and other blood-borne pathogens.

Only 25 percent of public restrooms tested positive.

Unbeknownst to many, playground equipment was the No. 1 contaminated surface. have shown that Playgrounds are at the top of the list for carrying high levels of germs, bacteria and disease.

Playgrounds can house a number of bacteria that can harm children severely unless playground cleaning and playground sanitation is properly performed, as often as needed.

At Agent Clean we take playground cleaning seriously. The safety and well being of children is our number one priority.

We specialize in playground cleaning, playground sanitation, and we focus on cleaning all those hard to reach places.

Our services are designed to enhance playground safety, keep equipment in “Like New” condition, protect your substantial investment and reduce your exposure to liability.

At Agent Clean we spare no expense when it comes to cleaning & sanitizing. We use state of the the art Softwash Systems to apply, disinfecting, and cleaning agents, combined with our specialized finishing products to provide you with one of a kind playground cleaning and playground sanitation.

Whether you’re interested in HOA playground cleaning or HOA playground sanitation, playground clean up is a easy when you contact Agent Clean. You can rest assure that your playground will look better than ever due to our playground cleaning techniques and our state of the art equipment. We,at Agent Clean guarantee your satisfaction because our playground cleaning specialists, our  products and exceptional inspections are the best in the industry.

Help us keep your kids happy and healthy!


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Picnic Area Cleaning and Sanitizing




Picnic areas, whether in your back yard or at your local parks, are wonderful places for friends and family to get together and celebrate special occasions.

Allow us, at Agent Clean to provide you with the best services in picnic area cleaning, picnic area sanitation and/or pressure washing services for commercial areas as well as sidewalks.

If you are concerned with bacteria, germs or dirt associated with highly used picnic areas, our experienced team can remove the grime, dirt and any harmful bacteria by using only the best products along with the best in Softwashing & Pressure washing techniques to improve the appearance of your sidewalks and/or picnic areas.



While providing you with a superior picnic area clean up, keep in mind that we offer pressure washing commercial areas and pressure washing sidewalks in all types of surfaces, such as concrete, marble, stone, stucco and brick. Let us remove mold, mildew, dirt or unwanted paint for a more beautiful and enjoyable picnic area.

As a prestigious Missouri exterior cleaning company, we proudly guarantee free accurate estimates, zero property damage, professional staff and equipment, all while providing you with first class pressure washing services, such as picnic area cleaning and/or picnic area sanitation. For more details on all of our pressure washing services and for a free quote please call us today.


Sand Cleaning and Sanitizing

In public and private outdoor recreation areas, good sand quality for soft fall surfaces and playgrounds is necessary and important. Clean, litter-free sand can prevent injuries and illness, reduce the risk of litigation, and ensure a positive experience for communities and constituents. Parks & Recreation officials, park maintenance personnel, playground committees, city officials, playground safety consultants, recreation management professionals, public safety activists, principals, teachers, coaches, concerned parents and PTO members, property managers, parents and HOAs all have vested interests in well-kept playground surfaces. These parties often investigate outdoor cleaning services that include removing debris and germs by sifting and sanitizing (or sterilizing) the sand so that it is safe for play.

Step 1: Sand Sifting
Sifting the sand entails using the right equipment to remove broken glass, stones, small pieces of wood, pop tops, bottle tops, syringes, cigarette butts, oil residue, tar (on beaches), and animal droppings, whether in sandboxes, fall zones , or beach volleyball courts. Our sand cleaning services include deep sifting at regular intervals to maximize safety and reduce liability. The kinds of areas Agent Clean cleans include kindergartens, schools, municipal public playgrounds and tot lots, private residential homes, apartment or HOA-managed play areas, and volleyball clubs. Typical maintenance consists of a 12-inch cleaning annually and 6-inch cleanings quarterly; however, factors such as frequency of use and vandalism history may warrant a more frequent sand maintenance plan. If sand levels are low and replenishment is being considered, we recommend cleaning before buying and adding new sand. Even if only 6 inches of new sand are added, existing rocks, contaminants, and other debris will resurface. Other applications for our ground surface outdoor cleaning services include: golf courses (i.e., sand pits, bunkers, sand traps), natural and man-made beaches, and equestrian arenas.

Step 2: Sand Sanitizing
According to a 2008 NSF International Swab Testing study, a public-park sandbox has the highest level of bacteria—more than a restaurant tray—in part because it retains the bacteria left from human contact, such as saliva, food items, and other bacteria from human hands. To prevent the spread of germs in any sand surface, including volleyball courts and soft fall areas under or around play structures, we recommend the add-on service of sterilizing the sand. Agent Clean applies an earth-friendly product two times to sanitize the area thoroughly. Clean, sanitized sand helps keep children and parents as well as sand volleyball players, coaches, and referees injury-free and healthy.


Cost-effective. Our sand cleaning services are 1/10th the cost of removing and replacing existing dirty sand.
Your Long-term Solution. We keep up with your regularly scheduled maintenance plan so you don’t have to worry about lapses in cleanliness.


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by Jon Welker